What about my children?

 What about my children?

We have younger children’s classes that are in session immediately after the praise and singing. Youth class is made up of ages 11- 15. Our youth teachers have the option of teaching the youth in class or remaining in the sanctuary to hear the preaching. Before sunday school class begins, we like to have all the children remain with their family in the sanctuary so they may experience the praise and singing right along with everyone else. 

We do not require your children to go to a Sunday school class. Many times children on a first time visit would rather stay close to Mom or Dad. We only ask that if they stay with Mom or Dad that they respect those around them by being quiet and staying close to their parents.

If your child would like to attend an appropriate age Sunday school class, they may be assisted by one of our teachers that will take them from the sanctuary to their class after praise. For your peace of mind, all of our younger children’s classes have one way mirror windows facing the main hallway. At any time the parent may leave the sanctuary and go check on their child without disrupting class or disturbing their child.

We also have a nursery where mothers can take infants. There are toys and comfortable rocking chairs there for your convenience.


  January 2021  
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