You Can Relax

 You can relax..

Yes, Levi's are okay. Casual dress is the norm at our church. Even though we are a church that stands for modesty and purity, we do not look down on or judge anyone because they may not dress similar to the way most of the men and women in our church dress. We feel that is an issue between you and the Lord.

We do not believe in using pressure on anyone, using scare tactics, or putting someone in an embarrassing situation. We do not try to force people to make decisions or try to drag them to an altar. We believe your relationship with God should be built on your personal decisions and commitment.

Just like Jesus allowed his disciples to grow in their levels of understanding and commitment to him through his example and his teaching and preaching, we believe that same pattern applies to people that desire to find him today. Our church has a passion to help people follow that plan of spiritual growth. We call that plan the “Five Levels of Commitment”.